Display Case FAQs

These are some "Frequently Asked Questions" about our refurbished display cases. Please contact us if you have questions that aren't answered here.


Q: What does it mean that the cases are refurbished?

A: Any refurbished case ordered through Vittitow Refrigeration is restored to factory condition and painted  by our team of skilled equipment restoration experts. With years of experience, you can rest assured you're getting a top of the line product when you order from Vittitow. Be sure to mention your color preferences when ordering your case. Standard color options are black or pearl exterior with black interior. Extra charges may apply for any other color.


Q: Are these remote cases?

A: Yes, all of our refurbished display cases are remote cases.


Q: What’s a remote case?

A: A remote case is a display case that’s cooled by an external condensing unit that will need to be purchased and installed separately (typically installed outside the building).


Q: I see that this listing is pickup only. Does that mean I have to personally come pick up the case?

A: No, it just means that when you buy your case(s), they become yours in their current location in our warehouse. However you choose to get them to your location is up to you.


Q: Can you help me arrange freight?

A: You have to be the shipper on any case you purchase, so no we cannot arrange freight for you. If you need help finding a freight company or need information to give to them, we would be happy to help with that kind of thing.


Q: Where are you located? Do you have a loading dock? What hours is your dock open?

A: We’re located at 4603 Poplar Level Rd., Louisville, KY 40213. We do have loading docks. The docks are open from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday - Friday, excluding major holidays. If you need to call ahead, our number is (888) 943-9033


Q: How old is this case?

A: We have many cases stored in multiple warehouses. We typically don’t pick out a case from our stock for refurbishing until it has been bought and payed for. We typically stay away from any case that’s more than 10 years old.


Q: What kind of wait time can I expect before my cases are finished?

A: Contact us ahead of time to get an estimate on current wait time. Wait times can be a week to several weeks, depending on our workload at the time. Two extra weeks will be added to your estimated wait time if you need cases that we don’t currently have in stock.


Q: I need my case by _________. Can you get it done in that timeframe?

A: Give us a call at (888) 943-9033 or message us and we would be happy to discuss the requirements of your project.


Q: Does this listing come with case ends?

A: Yes. Each unit you purchase will come with a pair of case ends.


Q: What if I’m joining several cases together and don’t need ends for every unit?

A: We’ll discount your final price $400 for each case you don’t need ends for and leave off the ends.


Q: What if I need partitions or plugs in a run of cases?

A: They’re $250 each.


Q: What if I need to customize my case with extra shelves, mirror ends, LED lighting, unusual colors, etc.?

A: We can do any customization you need. Give us a call or message us to talk about your project. (888) 943-9033.


Q: Can you crate my case(s)?

A: We can, and we have a few different options for crating.

  • Lightweight crating for open-faced cases (for dedicated trucks): $62.50 per foot
  • Lightweight crating for reach-in cases (for dedicated trucks): $150 per door
  • Heavyweight crating for open-faced cases (for LTL shipment): $125 per foot
  • Heavyweight crating for reach-in cases (for LTL shipment): $300 per door